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Viviane, the founder of Wakeup Campaign had a brilliant time in Ghana in 2019. It was twofold. She went on a business trip looking at recruitment marketing for Kent Business School (KBS), as well as working on Wakeup Campaign and establishing the new partnership with Knox Odumah, the creator of Volta: Home Away From Home the volunteering organisation.

Having stayed in the stunning 5 star Movenpick Hotel where many of the African American celebrities resided during the Year of the return festival. The first half of her trip was for the International Recruitment Office, in collaboration with the recruitment and admissions team at KBS. The focus was to explore in the growth and emerging market of UG and PG students to The University of Kent. The 5 day visit comprised of 2 British Council Fairs (UG and PG), various agency visits and for Viviane to present to an audience at the British Council fair on Entrepreneurship.

Wakeup Campaign in Africa

Every Moment Counts

“It was great to be back as I haven’t been back to Ghana in a few years. Giving talks to potential students that would be studying at KBS was a pleasure. Their entrepreneurial flair and inquisitiveness offered great excitement knowing that KBS thrives on entrepreneurship and innovation”. – Viviane Williams, founder of Wakeup Campaign

After 5 days of meetings, it was the end of work for KBS and the continuation of work for Wakeup Campaign. Knox and Viviane journeyed to the Volta region to beginning planning the fruitful relationship of a what is to be a partnered project of outreach programmes. Allowing volunteers, rappers, those embarking on a sabbatical to do development work in Ghana.

We visited:

  • Zion School
  • The Monkey Sanctuary
  • The second tallest mountain in Ghana
  • Had a meeting with the person that is keen to do a series of workshops/conferences on contraception.

Many partnerships were developed and the birth of Wakeup Campaign 2.0 began!

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