We Believe in Positive Change

Wakeup Campaign (WC) 2.0 still works on the original premise of making a change through:

  • Social Design

  • Public Speaking/Workshops

  • Campaigns

  • Global Citizenship

Having teamed up with Volta: Home Away From Home, an outreach organisation based in Hohoe, the Volta region of Ghana, for us to deliver tangible, quantifiable, interactive outreach programmes in Ghana, looking to expand to Togo and the remaining African countries.

Our mission is to promote global citizenship through in-depth intercultural interaction, sustainable community driven development projects through the participation of volunteers, in partnership with grassroots community members and organisations.

With a rich educational experience and services provided through volunteer experiences, local work placement, host family living, home base living, educational activities and critical reflection are embedded within our placemaking projects.

As Wakeup Campaign is a social enterprise, our priority is to improve and develop social, well-being and environmental aspects within our society/communities in the UK and abroad.


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NOAM CHOMSKY - American philosopher, linguist, cognitive scientist, historian, social critic, and political activist


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Annual Month of Giving

Should you want to donate to any of our programmes, we ensure that the money goes toward the projects listed. To receive an annual impact report, feel free to contact us.

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