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For those that are familiar with Wakeup Campaign, the enterprise started with social creative entrepreneur Viviane Williams. Having taking part in a 10 week experience developed by Platform 2, the premise of the excursion was for the age group of 18-25 year old would visit a developing country and do a series of development work. Viviane went to Ghana and stayed in a village called Kasapin where she:

  • Taught young children
  • Worked in clinics and hospitals
  • Built a community centre
  • Farmed cocoa
  • Visited significant landmarks in Ghana.

Coming back to the UK enlightened and full of energy, she went straight to so a Masters degree and Goldsmiths University studying Creative Cultural Entrepreneurship (Design Pathway). Still working for her former company Walt Disney as a designer, she embarked on a number of initiatives such as:

  • Having a pop up shop in Brixton Village Market
  • Working with Christian aid to project manage a pop up shop they had in Carnaby Street
  • Producing a photography exhibition in Croydon Clocktower Cafe just to name a few.

After a series of conversations with her lecturers, she slowly realised that what she was doing was not only spreading awareness of development issues is all relative both in the UK and in countries like Ghana, but providing rich debate and focusing on our own behaviours to how we treat the homeless, sustainable fashion, sustainable supply chains and consumption in general. Her final degree show took place at Battersea Art Centre where she used psychoanalysis and design as tools in order to allow health debates and for us all to view our habitual ways.

Wakeup Campaign founder with family in Battersea Arts Centre

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